To understand the causes of the continued divisions within the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, one must understand the historical events which lead up to the Schism, some of the "persona" of the Pope and of the Patriarch at the time of the Schism, and historical events which influenced later attempts at reunification. The following information is virtually 99 per cent quoted from The Encyclopedia Britannica web site:


with a few notations and clarifications added. This SUMMARY is primarily for internal teaching use, mirrors the text content of our copies and editions of the print version of the Encyclopedia Britannica and other works, and has been compiled and "preserved" in this format for two reasons: (1) In the event the Britannica web site is down or a connection to it can not be made; (2) The "links" and information we deem important have been made "internally" in this format thereby alleviating the need that we provide guides to the portions and articles necessary for a proper understanding of this situation.


Outline An outline of the event of the formalization of the Schism.

The Byzantine Empire An extensive outline of the history of the Byzantine Empire.

Some Notes Regarding Eastern Orthodoxy A partial examination of Orthodoxy from the administrative perspective.

Some Notes Regarding The Russian Orthodox Church A brief outline of the formalization of Orthodoxy in Russia.

Patriarch of Constantinople, Some information regarding Patriarch Michael Cerularius, and influences upon him at the time of the Schism.

Pope of Rome, Some information regarding Pope Leo IX, and the influences upon him at the time of the Schism.

Additional Histories - History

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