The Pedalion The Rudder

The Pedalion (The Rudder - the titles being interchangeable) is a book of the Canons of the Holy Apostles, and of the Seven Ecumenical Synods (or Councils), Canons of several important Regional Synods, Canons of several of The Holy Fathers, and instructions regarding several other matters.

It is in and out of print (we believe it currently out of print).

This copy in ADOBE (PDF) format was obtained on the InterNet from:
which apparently is an InterNet storage facility - Amazon S3 - and again apparently associated with:
authored or provided by John according to the file properties, whom we thank and to whom we give our appreciation.

There are several scattered pages in this copy which are blank (showing a blue-grey panel on our copies of the Adobe Reader), but the overall value of this document is diminished but slightly if at all by this, for it remains extremely useful.

The file is large (232,557 kb) and therefore may be difficult to download.

We therefore have provided it in two formats:

The first format is a single file named The_Rudder.pdf which may be downloaded here or in File Area 11 as RUDDER.ZIP

The second format is in five files named respectively:
each file being between 42,970 kb and 48,712 kb. Each of these is also available in File Area 11 as RUDDER1OF5.ZIP, RUDDER2OF5.ZIP, RUDDER3OF5.ZIP, RUDDER4OF5.ZIP, and RUDDER5OF5.ZIP, respectively.







Revised 17 September 2008 A.D.