Current Active Mailing Lists Originating From BasilNet ReuNet HIOC BBS
The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil - The Basilian Fathers

Current Active Mailing Lists Originating From BasilNet ReuNet HIOC BBS - The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil - The Basilian Fathers

Each ML has its own rules, which are posted in the ML on a regular basis. Abbreviated commands are also in the signature of each ML message sent via e-mail. You must have permission from the appropriate ML administrator to gate a ML.


Prayer requests operates under a simple premise. When we pray for each other we fulfill a portion of our Christian duty. Prayers for the living and for the dead are allowed and welcome. Those who make prayer requests agree to include the prayer requests of all who make them here. Prayer requests MUST be moral and for moral purposes . . . hopefully morality will not have to be defined at length (i.e.: use common sense).

Participants and subscribers agree to honor the moral prayer requests posted, and to pray for those intentions and persons for at least one week.


Every day we try to post a Chapter of one of the Books of the Bible on the ML for discussion. This began with Genesis, Chapter 1, and continued to the end of Genesis, and so on to the next Book. Discussion is not limited to the Chapter posted each day. We use the Douay-Rheims translation which, while it sometimes has editorial comments biased against the Orthodox Church, is a basically a good, non political translation.


A place to exchange sermons by Christians. POSTERS must be, and certify they are: male; duly ordained Priests, Deacons, Ministers, or seminarians of, a Christian Church, Jurisdiction, or Religion; that the Creed of the Council of Nicea is the Creed, or expresses the basic dogma, of the Church of which each participant is a member. Rabbi may participate and post. (Us Christians may learn something). ANYONE may RECEIVE the ML.

When you post in this ML you must provide your church/religious affiliation in the post.


The STUDIES ML is a list which studies Orthodoxy and the Theology/Dogma of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. We attempt to have the text of what ever book/publication we are using posted in pertinent parts during the discussions. This is a slow moving ML, primarily because most people do not wish to or have the time to or are not inclined to read and study as is required for participation in a ML such as this. However, for those who do, it is well worth the effort.


This is a mailing list designed to promote and further reunification of the Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church with the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church and all other Jurisdictions of the Body of Christ; and to bring each and every human being into union with Christ Jesus our Lord. Activity - very light.


This ML sends REUNION (publication) to its subscribers as a file attach in Adobe (PDF) format. The ML does support discussion, and discussion is encouraged.

To subscribe go to the automatic subscription page, select the mailing list to which you wish to subscribe, and fill in the appropriate information. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you to which you must respond as instructed. You may unsubscribe in the same manner.


You can e-mail commands to the listserver using the addresses and commands below:

BasilNet ReuNet HIOC BBS Listserver E-mail Commands

All Commands must be sent to Commands go into the content part of the message and no subject line is necessary. If you experience problems with the ML or listserver you may contact the system administrator (sysop), via e-mail to

User Commands

Subscribe to an email list.

To subscribe to a mailing list, send a message to:
In the message area put:
subscribe studies
subscribe sermons
subscribe prayers
subscribe bible-day
subscribe one-body
subscribe reu_pub

Unsubscribe from an email list.

Make yourself inactive on the list. This is good for when you leave on vacation, or just don't want any email for a while.

Make yourself active on the list again.

Request an information file from the server. The list administrator may set up files for you to retrieve that may contain various information. Do not use a file extension.

Retreives this file.

Retrieves information on email lists hosted by this server

Again, if you experience any problems, such as a bounced message notice, or a message saying something like "user unknown", please send an e-mail describing the problem and what you which to do to and we will attempt to resolve the problem.













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