Theology Dogma
The Rudder - The Pedalion
In Adobe Reader (.PDF) format Contents

Theological Works
of major theologians and Church Fathers,
primarily in Text Format Contents

Works of Origen
In Text Format Contents

Writings of Saint Basil
(and some about him) In Text Format Contents

Works of and about Saint John Chrysotom
In Text Format Contents

General Theological Works of "mionor" authors,
in Text Format Contents

The Orthodox - Basilian Catechism
in question and answer format (272 pages) Sequencial Pages
in Adobe (pdf) format, and in booklet format in Adobe PDF,
in Hypertext (linked by chapters), and ASCII DOS Text. Also
available in the files area as CATCSM2.ZIP which contains the
file in Microsoft Publisher and ASCII DOS Test formats.

Revised 9 April 2017 A.D.